In an era of dramatic and constant change in the media business, we believe there is still a strong interest in and need for an independent and objective voice in sports journalism.  Declining print circulation, tightening economic pressures, increasing influence by advertisers over editorial content and direction,  and shorter attention spans have all contributed to a challenging environment for traditional media.  While we are well aware of and attentive to these broader industry challenges and societal trends, we still believe that, ultimately, as in all other industries, “the customer is king.”  We believe that by delivering our readers the best and most objective editorial content, we will see long-term success in whatever forms media eventually takes.  As the parent company for a number of historically leading media brands in various endurance sports, it is our daily objective to understand our reader’s interests and needs, and provide the sort of changing content, format and service that they expect.

Our business philosophy is to build a robust and successful enterprise by adhering to the principles listed below:

Customers: Success is found through knowing and understanding your customers, and seeking to always deliver more than they ask for.

EmployeesGive employees the support, tools and knowledge to do their job, and success will follow, both for them and the business.

Focus: Identify your competitive advantages, focus on what you do best and try to do it better than anyone else.

Change: Change is constant, and all employees must anticipate and embrace change – with a sense of curiosity, appetite for adventure, and a willingness to continually adapt.

Integrity: Honesty, transparency and integrity with customers, vendors, advertising, employees and all other stakeholders is a critical prerequisite for long-term business success.

Passion and Balance: Only by developing a passion for both your personal and business activities, can you achieve a satisfying and balanced life.

By trying to remember and pay close attention to these fundamental tenets every day, we aim to (1) provide independent, compelling and provocative content to all of our readers while (2) managing a successful and financially sustainable business.

Felix Magowan
Greg Thomas
Steve Maxwell

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