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Growing from its roots as Competitor Magazine, PodiumRunner is backed by a 30-year history of serving committed athletes through deep connections to the experts and athletes who are devoted to the sport. By giving voice to the proven and to the innovative, PodiumRunner is America’s leading resource for runners dedicated to achieving their personal best.

Mission Statement
PodiumRunner empowers dedicated runners with the skills, knowledge, and fitness to find their podium—whether it’s tackling a new distance, setting a personal record, or winning the whole dang thing. From track to trail, mile to ultramarathon, PodiumRunner brings together the best running experts, coaches, gear, methods, athletes, and personalities. Our unique themed coverage of training and workouts, injury prevention, nutrition, tech and culture gives runners all the tools and inspiration they need to achieve their personal best.

PodiumRunner: Step Up and Find Your Podium

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Website: 1.2 million unique users, 2.1 million monthly sessions
Editor-in-Chief: Jonathan Beverly

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