FOR MORE THAN 40 YEARS, VeloNews has been the American voice of competitive cycling, with a magazine and website that have both shaped and reported on cycling culture. That influence has only grown as VeloNews has expanded to become a truly global player in cycling media.

And as the sport has shifted, so has VeloNews. Racing is still in our DNA and still drives the most exciting aspects of the industry. But racing—for both fans and participants—is only a part of the broader culture of performance cycling, a culture that includes history, adventure, trends, travel, science, and some of the coolest products around.

VeloNews is and will remain the leader in blending competitive cycling’s rich history with its dynamic and evolving present.

IN EVERY ISSUE: VeloNews writers travel the world to deliver readers the context, insider information, and behind-the-scenes reporting they need to make sense of cycling’s most important races and most intriguing personalities

GEAR AND TECH: VeloNews’s Service Course section gives consumers the in-depth information they need to make sense of the bike industry’s myriad categories and backs it up with in-depth product reviews that involve lab testing, interviews, and thousands of test rides.

With a vivid new redesign backed by the best cycling photographers in the business, VeloNews delivers not just photos of cycling’s most important moments but also portraits of its stars and an overall look that captures the sport’s future-retro aesthetic.

VeloNews At A Glance

Circulation: 21,000 (2017 CVC Audit)
Readership: 74,000 (Based on GfK MRI-Measured Competitive Set Comparison)
Frequency: 9X
Website: 860K unique users, 4.75MM average monthly pageviews
Editor-in-Chief: Fred Dreier

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